JP Morgan Interview Experience | On Campus

Round 1:
It was an online coding test in our college. It consisted of 2 questions. I don’t remember the actual question but one of them was to take input in csv format and sort it according to a specific parameter and print the data. We could use any programming language.
So, basically 2 coding questions in 90 minutes.  Those who were able to solve even one code completely got qualified for next round.

Round 2:

It was an automated online interview in Hirevue . It was mentioned earlier that Competency-based Questions will be asked. For each question we were given 60 seconds of time and 2 chances. I prepared for this beforehand and did okay in the interview.

Round 3:

Final round was CODE FOR GOOD hackathon which they conduct every year for hiring full time software engineers. It was a 24 hour hackathon in their bangalore office. Teams were randomly assigned and when I reached there, I came to know about my other 4 teammates. We were 5 in a team and we needed to choose a problem statement out of various which were provided by 3 NGOs. We selected one and worked on it. There were 3 presentation rounds, one was technical inspection in which they saw and validated our code and checked for hard codings and other parameters.
Next presentation round was elimination round. And only 6 out of 21 teams reached final round. We were one of them and finally ended as runner up.
Important point is winning the hackathon was not the criteria to get the offer. Every team was assigned with mentors who was with the team for complete 24 hours. Our selection was dependent on their feedbacks. Even though we were runner-up only 2 out of 5 got the offer.

My advice for all those who are attending the hackathon is: Try to be the leader of your team, try to get the solution to all the probelms which you face while developing the product and discuss with your team members. Be a team player and also time by time discuss the progress with your mentor.

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