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JP Morgan Chase Interview Experience
  • Last Updated : 12 Dec, 2018
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JP Morgan visited our campus for full time hiring for quant research and MGG(Model Governance Group). I applied for the MGG role.

Test 2 sections
Quant – 35 minutes : Problems on probability, expected values, etc. Similar to ones in 50 challenging, heard on the street and Brainstellar
Coding – 2 problems —


Round 1 : He asked me to code a simple problem. Given


    2 3

    4 5 6

    7 8 9 10,  and so on.

Now Given n, that is the last number(10 in this case), we need to print the complete pattern

This was followed by questions from resume, how Google Maps work(i.e. How do they provide real time traffic data), some questions on Python, like difference between list and tuple? Also some discussions on interests, family background, etc. Chill discussion

2. Round 2 : Write a program to print Fibonacci numbers and then an extended version of the same.

Again, some problems on Python, like

A puzzle,

3. Round 3 : HR – Interests, Do you want to go for higher studies or MBA?, Why JPMC?

4. Round 4 : A puzzle :

5. Round 5 : Few HR questions, got the offer!

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