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JP Morgan Chase & Co. (JPMC) Interview Experience | (Full time Software Engineer)

Last Updated : 31 Mar, 2020
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I applied online to the  Software Engineer Program – Full-time Opportunity on the JP Morgan website. For the first round, I received an email to complete a video and technical interview on HireVue. I had two weeks to complete the interview.

Round 1: The HireVue consisted of two coding questions and two video interview questions. I was able to pick the language that I wanted.

Question 1: Given coins of value 1, 3, and 6 and a sum, what is the minimum number of coins needed to reach the sum? (

Sum: 11
Minimum coins needed: 4 (1 6-Value coin, 1 3-Value coin, 2 1-Value coins)

Question 2: Given an integer, add it with the reverse of the value, and check if it’s a palindrome. If it isn’t a palindrome, repeat the process until the sum is a palindrome. Print out the number of iterations and the value of the final palindrome. (

Starting Value: 121
Expected Result : 1 242
Add 121 to 121. The sum of 242 is a palindrome.

Video Questions:

  1. Given more time, what would you have done differently for the coding questions? (This is for both of the coding questions!)
  2. Discuss a time in which you were a member of a successful team. What was your role and what were the challenges that you faced?

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