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JP Morgan Chase & Co Interview Experience for Full time Analyst Role
  • Last Updated : 14 May, 2020

Round 1: Test has  3 sections all of them consists MCQ .

Test location: VJTI Collage Matunga, Mumbai.

Time Duration: 1st and 2nd section 1 hour, 3rd section 1/2 hour.

1st section :Aptitude total 50 Question consists of following topics

  1. Quantitative Ability.
  2. Verbal Ability.
  3. Logical Reasoning.
  4. Data Interpretation.

2nd section: Excel based 20 MCQ Question.

3rd section: Java based 20 MCQ Question.(Output and Error Detection)

450 students participated in round 1 from VJTI Mumbai.Among them 17 students where selected for 2nd Interview Round.

I was among Top 3 students selected for 2nd Round.

Round 2: Technical Round-I

Interview Location:  Prism Towers, Mindspace, Malad West, Mumbai. 

Time Duration : 25 MIN PPT, 30 min for each interview.

Initally  PPT was shown and interview after PPT. As i was in top 3 students i got call  as soon as interview began.

Interviewer ask question based On Java, Data Structure and its application(Stack, Queue, Graph )  and recent projects.They ask me to explain 2 projects (one internship project and other ML based project) to explain in detail .My projects where Java, ML based they ask basic question on ML and also application of my projects for Finance and Health Industries.At the end they ask me 2 programming question based on  Graph and Dynamic Programming which i was able to solve.

s.Out of 17 Students 4 selected for next round and i was one of them.

Round 3: Technical+ HR Round

Interview Location:  Prism Towers, Mindspace, Malad West, Mumbai. 

Time Duration :  30 min for each interview.

In this round question I was ask again question on my internship project and its current application status.1 Question on Linkedlist was asked which was quite easy.After technical question interviewer ask tricky questions to check my interest in ML, Java and other topics. At the end normal Hr type were asked.

Out of 4 people 3 were finally selected, Thankfully i was one of them.


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