JP Morgan Chase and Co. Interview Experience | Software Developer Intern

JP Morgan Chase and Co. had come to our campus for hiring interns. Students having a CGPA above 7.00 without any active supply/backlog were allowed to sit for the online round. There was an online coding test followed by a pre- placement talk and 3 rounds of face to face interviews.


The online test was hosted on HackerRank platform and consisted of two coding questions of 60 marks and 40 marks with a time limit of 60 minutes. The first problem was based on linear DP. It was difficult to solve all the test cases completely. The second problem was based on basic array but it was rather lengthy.The language was confusing which made most people avoid that question completely. However if you kept your patience and read the question carefully, it wasn’t that difficult to solve. People who could solve around 40 marks were shortlisted for the next rounds.


37 people who had appeared in the online round were shortlisted for the interviews. There were two technical interviews.

Technical Round 1:
I was first asked to introduce myself. Meanwhile he went through my resume.He mainly focused on the projects I had done. I had done two Django projects so he asked me how does Django work, what is its architecture, what made me work in Django, what database did I use for my project, and some other questions relating to the project. Then I was asked to draw a block diagram explaining the structure of the website I had made. He suggested certain changes and asked how would I be able to implement them. This round was mainly a detailed discussion on my project. Finally he asked if I was given 30 seconds to pitch myself for the job, what would be my answer.This round went on for around 20 minutes.

Technical Round 2:
15 out of 37 people were shortlisted for the next technical round. Again there were questions on the projects I had mentioned in my resume. After that he asked what were the other CS subjects I had studied apart from Data Structures and Algorithms. I replied with DBMS. He asked questions related to DBMS like difference between trigger and stored procedure, what are the advantages of DBMS over file system, what is primary key etc. I was asked to write a SQL query to find the second highest salary. It was followed by some basic questions of C on topics like storage classes, static variables, pointers etc. Then, I was asked to write a code for optimized search in a sorted matrix. There was also a brief discussion about my hobbies and the clubs I am associated with in the college. This round lasted around 30 minutes.


13 people made it to the HR Round. I was asked basic HR questions like:

  1. Tell me something about your family background and schooling.
  2. Are you an introvert/extrovert?
  3. What are the things that people close to you appreciate the most in you?
  4. If you had differences of opinion with team members, how do you resolve them?
  5. How would you explain your project to a person with zero technical knowledge?
  6. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

The HR round lasted around 15-20 minutes.We had to wait for around 1 hour following which they declared the results.11 people were selected for the internship. I was one of them. Thank you GeeksforGeeks for the all the help during the preparation time!!

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