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Job Control Language (JCL) Utilities

Last Updated : 29 May, 2020
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JCL Utilities are pre-written programs, widely used in mainframe to achieve day-to-day requirements, organizing and maintaining data. It is used to reorganize, change or compare data at the data set or record level.

These utilities allow to manipulate data sets, which are provided as input to the programs.

  1. IEBCOPY –
    It is used to copy one or more members from existing dataset to a new or existing PDS dataset, used for compressing PDS, loading PDS to TAPE and unloading from TAPE to DISK.
    It is used to copy or print sequential data sets. Also used to copy any TAPE file to DISK or DISK to TAPE.
  3. IEHLIST –
    It is system utility used to list entries in the directory of one or more PDS, entries in the catalog or list the contents of a Volume Table of Contents (VTOC).
  4. IEHMOVE –
    It is used to move one dataset from one volume to another volume.
    It is used to compare the contents of two PS or PDS datasets.
  6. IEBEDIT –
    It is used to create a JCL containing a selection of job steps. These job steps can be entered into the job stream for processing.
    It is used for deleting or renaming data sets or members and for cataloging or uncataloging non-VSAM data sets.
    It is powerful IBM utility used to copy, sort or merge datasets. SYSIN DD statement is used to specify the conditions. It is used to achieve many functionalities,

    1. COPY all records from SORTIN to SORTOUT.
    2. SKIP first 100 records and then copy 20 records.
    3. SORT the input file in the order of the specified field position.
    4. INCLUDE or OMIT record in input file based on condition.
    5. MERGE input files in the order of the specified field position.
    6. JOIN two or more input files based on specified JOIN KEY in input file.
    7. To remove duplicates
    8. SUM the values for same-key records.
    9. Add sequence number to the output file.
    10. Restructure the input file before feeding to sort.
    11. To create multiple files from single input file.
    12. Restructure the sorted file before writing.
  9. ICETOOL –
    It is a wrapper around DFSORT, is another IBM utility used to perform a variety of operations on datasets. The file operations are specified in the TOOLIN DD statement.

    1. copy unique, selected and duplicate records.
    2. To get statistics(maximum, average and total) of a numeric field.
    3. Count unique values in a field.
  10. IDCAMS –
    Generates and modifies VSAM and Generation Data Groups (GDG) datasets. The Commands that carry out IDCAMS tasks include DEFINE, PRINT, LISTCAT, REPRO, ALTER, VERIFY and DELETE. It Creates versioned files for GDGs on a chronological basis. It List VSAM dataset attributes and Delete unwanted datasets.

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