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JIO Spark, Ignite & Illuminate Interview Experience (On-Campus) 2022-23

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Students who are selected for the Jio Spark program have to give one more technical interview for Jio Ignite & Illuminate. Based on the candidate’s overall performance, he/she is either promoted to Jio Ignite or Illuminate; or else the student remains in the Jio Spark program.

JIO SPARK PROGRAM: It was an On-Campus placement drive for Graduate Engineer Trainee (GET) Role under the JIO Spark Program. The Placement Drive started with a Pre-Placement talk about the company and its requirements followed by Round 1.

Round 1: Aptitude test and GD: In JIO Spark, candidates who did not pass the aptitude test go for the GD round which is an elimination round, and the candidates who pass the aptitude test are directly selected for round 2 (technical interview).

Aptitude Test:

  • 24 MCQ questions (80 marks) 
  • Logical reasoning – blood relation, coding & decoding, puzzle, statement & conclusion
  • Data interpretation – pie chart and bar graph
    • Verbal – articles, prepositions, fill in the blanks
    • DBMS – basic DBMS questions. 
    • JAVA – code was given and we have to choose the correct output of that code from the options
    • SQL – for the given requirement in the question we have to choose the correct SQL query from the options
  • 2 Coding questions (70 marks)
    • Timestamp question (20 marks)
    • Question on Array (50 marks)

Since I cannot clear the aptitude test, I was sent to the GD round.

Suggestion: Practice Logical reasoning, Data interpretation, and Verbal questions from GFG, IndiaBix, Testbook & Career Ride.

Group Discussion: Topic – digital payment vs physical payment

  • The students who were not selected for the aptitude test are divided into groups of 10-12 students. From each group only 4-9 students are selected, the rest are out of the placement drive.
  • The interviewer gave us 1 min to think about the topic and told us that initially, everyone will get a chance to speak in the order of our candidate number. Then anyone can talk randomly. 
  • We can sit with a pen and paper to note down our points. 
  • I wrote down as many points as I can remember in that 1 minute and narrated the most important points when my chance came.

Tips: Do not look at the interviewer while speaking. Just confidently speak about the topic. Do not be shy and control your voice modulation.

Round 2: Technical Interview: Questions asked were:

  • Tell me about yourself
  • He asked me about my diploma final year project
  • What do you prefer more, a technical job or a non-technical job?
  • Do you prefer electronics more or computers more?
  • Since I mentioned in my resume that I was good in web development so he asked questions on HTML:
  • What is DOCTYPE
  • Do we need to close all HTML tags?
  • How to put an image on the background of the website?
  • Full form of CSS
  • What is an inline-block 
  • He asked me whether I know OOPS. I said that I have very less knowledge about OOPS as I was more interested in web development.
  • He showed me a piece of code and asked me what will be the output of that code. The code was:
   x = 10
   while (x=1) { 

He tried to confuse me and asked me to recheck my answer.

Suggestion: I cannot answer all the questions on HTML. So whenever I didn’t know the answer, I just told him that ‘I don’t know the answer’.

Tips: Please never brag or lie if you do not know the answer. Be confident about your answers even if he tries to confuse you. You should know every word of your Resume as 90% of questions will be asked from your resume.

Round 3: Technical + HR interview: This interview was held virtually by a senior interviewer. Questions:

  • Tell me about yourself
  • What is SDLC?
  • What is the process of SDLC?
  • What happens in the manufacturing stage of SDLC?
  • What are white box testing and black box testing?
  • Who all are there in your family?
  • Where do you stay?

Since I mentioned that I want a non-tech job so he said that he won’t be allowing me for JIO ignite and illuminate job as it was a tech job. 

But I insisted that if he allows me to sit for the interview of JIO ignite and illuminate, I will give my best. But then he said I am switching between the tech and non-tech job so how can he trust me while offering the job? 

I assured him that I wanted a non-tech job as I want to improve my career as a BA. 

Tips: Never change your answer even if the interviewer tries to confuse you. Always keep a smile on your face and confidently answer the questions even if you are nervous. Be calm & answer politely.

On the same day at 6 pm, we got our results and I was selected for Jio Spark Program!

JIO IGNITE & ILLUMINATE PROGRAM: 10 days after getting selected for Jio Spark, I got a mail for JIO Ignite & Illuminate program interview. It was a 20min technical interview. Questions were mostly based on my resume. Since I mentioned the Flask framework in my resume, 90% of questions were based on the flask. Questions:

  • Tell me about your projects
  • Questions based on my projects
  • What is flask
  • How did you use flask in your project 
  • What are decorators in the flask

1 month after the interview we got results. I was selected for the Jio Ignite program. 

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Last Updated : 21 Feb, 2023
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