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Jio Interview Experience (On-Campus)

  • Last Updated : 25 Oct, 2021

It was an On-Campus placement drive for JIO Deputy Manager Role.

Round 1: Aptitude +Coding Exam (medium) 

20 Aptitude/DSA(Basics) + 2 Coding Questions.

  1. maximum-sum-alternating-subarray
  2. Given an undirected graph with N nodes and N edges. Find edge (u,v) with u<v such that if we remove this edge then Graph G is still connected undirected graph and it did not contain any cycle.

Round 2: Technical interview

In the Technical interview, they asked me on

  1. OOPS concept(Friend function, Virtual Function, Inheritance, Types of Polymorphism, Run Time Polymorphism, Scope Resolution Operator, Copy Constructor)
  2. He asked me to run the program and demonstrate for inheritance.
  3. Types of Joints in SQL, Approach to find the second maximum(salary) in Employee Table.
  4. The interviewer (Sir) asked me to tell the concept of this problem.
  5. remove-duplicates-from-an-unsorted-linked-list/
  6. After the explanation of my Approach. He told me to write and run the code. Code executed. 

The interviewer was a little bit supportive in nature as he helped me on some of the cases to rectify my mistakes in running the OOPS program. Then he asked me some HR Questions.

Verdict:  I got the Offer for JIO Deputy Manager Role.

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