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Jio Interview Experience for Deputy Manager | On-Campus 2021

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 02 Nov, 2020

Round 1(Written): 38 shortlisted for online test.

  • 25 MCQs on C++ and
  • 25 MCQs on Java

Round 2(Technical Interview): 18 selected for Interview round.


  1. Programming language:

    • C++ and Java
    • Object-Oriented programmings.
  2. Core Subjects:

    • Operating system
    • Computer networks
    • Software Engineering
    • DBMS

    In the core subjects, they want basic knowledge on the subjects.

  3. Coding question:

    • Given a string str=”example*xyz*jio”; We have to split the given string by * and find the size of the result and time complexity of algorithm used.

    Total Time of interview: 45-50 mins. 


using namespace std;
int main()
   //given string str
   string str=”geeksforgeeks@2021@jio”;
   string s=””;  //empty string
vector<string> v;   //string array
int l=str.length();
int count=0;   // no. of @ ->seperators
for(int i=0;i<l;i++)
cout<<“No. of substrings seperated by @  “<<count+1<<endl;
cout<<“Substrings are:\n\n”;
for(string i: v )
cout<<“\n\nresult size: \n”;
cout<<“Size of “<<count+1<<” substrings  
    + size of “<<count +1<<” pointers pointing sunstrings\n”;
return 0;

Finally, they selected 13 students from our Campus.

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