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JavaScript WeakMap Complete Reference

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 23 Nov, 2022
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WeakMap object in JavaScript is used to store the collection of objects (key-value pairs) in which keys are weakly referenced. The major difference of a WeakSet with a set is that a WeakSet is a collection of objects and not values of some particular type.



Example: Below is the example of weakMap.get()() method.


    function gfg() {
    const weakmap1 = new WeakMap();
    const key1 = {};
    weakmap1.set(key1, 12);



The Complete methods of WeakMap are listed below:

Instance Methods:

JavaScript WeakMap Instance Methods


JavaScript weakMap.delete() MethodThe weakMap.delete() is used to delete a particular element from an object WeakMap.
JavaScript weakMap.get() MethodThe weakMap.get() is used to return a particular element from an object WeakMap.that
JavaScript weakMap.has() MethodThe weakMap.has() is used to return a boolean value which indicates whether an element with a particular key presents in the weakmap object or not.
JavaScript weakMap.set() MethodThe weakMap.set() is used to set a new element with a particular key and value to a WeakMap object.
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