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JavaScript string.normalize() Method

  • Last Updated : 03 Sep, 2020

Below is the example of the string.normalize() method.

  • Example:

    var a = "Geeks For Geeks"
    b = a.normalize('NFC'
    c = a.normalize('NFD'
    d = a.normalize('NFKC'
    e = a.normalize('NFKD'
  • Output:
    Geeks For GeeksGeeks For GeeksGeeks For GeeksGeeks For Geeks

The string.normalize() is an inbuilt method in javascript which is used to return a Unicode normalisation form of a given input string. If the given input is not a string, then at first it will be converted into a string then this method will work.



Parameters: Here the parameter is form which is of many types-

  • NFC: Normalization Form Canonical Composition.
  • NFD: Normalization Form Canonical Decomposition.
  • NFKC: Normalization Form Compatibility Composition.
  • NFKD: Normalization Form Compatibility Decomposition.

These all say the Unicode Normalization Form.
Return value: It returns a new string containing the Unicode Normalization Form of the given input string.

JavaScript code to show the working of string.normalize() method:

  // Taking a string as input.
  var a = "GeeksForGeeks";
  // calling normalize method.
  b = a.normalize('NFC')
  c = a.normalize('NFD')
  d = a.normalize('NFKC')
  e = a.normalize('NFKD')
  // Printing normalised form.
  document.write(b +"<br>");
  document.write(c +"<br>");
  document.write(d +"<br>");




Supported Browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Apple Safari
  • Opera

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