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Javascript String matchAll() Method

  • Last Updated : 25 Mar, 2021
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In Javascript, the matchAll() method is used to return all the iterators matching the reference string against a regex (regular expression). An important use of the matchAll() method is that it can be used to capture groups with the /g flag giving it an advantage over the match() method which ignores capturing groups with the /g flag.


  • str: It is the reference string for which matches are to be found.
  • Regexp: It is simply a regular expression object. The RegExp object must include the /g flag, else an TypeError is thrown.
  • Return value: It is an iterator.

Example :


function myFunction() { 
    //Regular expression with the /g flag
    const regex = /e(xam)(ple(\d?))/g;
    //Reference string
    const str = 'example1example2example3';
    //Using matchAll() method
    const array = [...str.matchAll(regex)];


In the above example, we were able to find matches and also capture the internal groups as we used the matchAll() method. 

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