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JavaScript program to find Area and Perimeter of Rectangle

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A rectangle is a flat figure in a plane. It has four sides and four equal angles of 90 degrees each. In a rectangle all four sides are not of equal length like a square, sides opposite to each other have equal length. Both diagonals of the rectangle have equal lengths.

Area And Perimeter Of Rectangle


Input: 4 5
Output: Area = 20
        Perimeter = 18

Input: 2 3
Output: Area = 6
        Perimeter = 10


Area of rectangle: a*b 
Perimeter of rectangle: 2*(a + b) 

Example: Below is the example that will illustrate the above formula:


    // Function to Find the Area of Triangle
    function areaRectangle(a, b) {
        let area = a * b;
        return area;
    // Function to Find the Parameter of Triangle
    function perimeterRectangle(a, b) {
        let perimeter = 2 * (a + b);
        return perimeter;
    // Driver program
    let a = 5;
    let b = 6;
    console.log("Area = " + areaRectangle(a, b));
    console.log("Perimeter = " + perimeterRectangle(a, b));


Area = 30
Perimeter = 22

Time Complexity: O(1) as it is performing constant operations
Auxiliary Space: O(1)

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Last Updated : 27 Dec, 2022
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