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JavaScript | A medicine to every problem

  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 28 Feb, 2019
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In the world full of different languages it is quite confusing knowing that what to choose and what not to. Most of the times students want to start something but when they search they have a lot of options and a lot of technologies in the market. It is good to have options but sometimes a lot of options also creates a flood in the brain, doesn’t it?

JavaScript is a flexible and powerful programming language. Along with HTML & CSS, JavaScript is also a core component of web technology. In the early stages of its birth JavaScript was only used for providing interactivity on client side (user view) but why did it gain so much popularity in today’s era and became the love of developers?

Use of JavaScript:

  • You are developing a website, you wrote HTML and CSS code or may be you have used some framework like Bootstrap but you don’t want that boring static website you want to make it a interactive (means you want that if that event occur then that should happen and like that) website. No worry, Obviously JavaScript is there. It was designed to add interactivity to static website.
  • There are two type of programming languages, Client Side and Server Side programming language. You have done a lot of Client Side programming and now you want to try some Server Side stuff, but as soon as you think of Server Side a thought came in mind that now I have to learn a new server side programming language like Python, PHP, Ruby on Rails and many more but now this is not the case here JavaScript came with Node.js (it’s an event-driven JavaScript platform which does non-blocking I/O) a JavaScript framework that can be used to write server side programming. It can also be used to write own web server (which serve content to the user by responding to their request). Express.js is another framework for creating web server in just few line of code. This is just awesome, isn’t it? You are learning a single language and you are writing interactive Client Side as well as Server Side with the same programming language.
  • You have done a lot of web development and now you want to try some android development. Android means you have to learn Java and Android, if you want to learn them that’s good but when JavaScript is there then not to fear, here is the most powerful thing you can do with JavaScript. It can build application for mobile phones. Phone gap is one of the oldest and well established framework in this field. Although now React Native, NativeScript are coming into the picture and are gaining popularity. React and Node.js in top 3.
  • Done with web development, android development, now what’s left is desktop application. JavaScript contains another framework know as Electron.js . Electron uses Chromium and Node.js so it can be used to build desktop app with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It handles the hard part so you can focus on core functionalities.
  • You are a JavaScript lover and you always love java scripting, here you can also create awesome presentations with JavaScript frameworks like deck.js, impress.js, REVEAL.js and many more.
  • Now this is something really really amazing Cylon.js is a JavaScript framework for robotics, physical computing, and the Internet of Things. It makes it incredibly easy to command robots and devices.

From the above reading it is definitely no doubt that why JavaScript became so popular, It is capable of doing nearly everything. Learning JavaScript can provide you a bunch of opportunities and so you can do some very amazing stuff with JavaScript.

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