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Javascript: A gateway to the world of web development

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 02 Nov, 2020

These days there is a dramatic increase in the field of Machine learning and Deep learning but not everyone is aware of the fact that we development is a field which is left alone in many nations. Web development is not just about making web pages and writing content. It’s about making your dreams into a reality. You can create whatever you like in any way you want. The power lies within your hands and your mind. 

Hey geek! The constant emerging technologies in the world of web development always keeps the excitement for this subject through the roof. But before you tackle the big projects, we suggest you start by learning the basics. Kickstart your web development journey by learning JS concepts with our JavaScript Course. Now at it's lowest price ever!

The main part of web development is Javascript. Where HTML and CSS contribute to the writing and designing part, Javascript is the way to make your site more interactive, much more appealing and attractive. You might scroll to some of the sites and notice the way they more. How does these people make the websites more interactive. The simple answer to that is “javascript”. First thing you need to know that Javascript is totally different from Java. It works in a different manner. Some of the commands might be similar but always remember that javascript is totally different. 
Learning javascript from the scratch and creating an interactive website is a difficult job. If you understand javascript you can understand everything.Try checking out this link to learn about basic javascript. This would give you a good knowledge of javascript: Javascript 
After having some basic knowledge about javascript you might feel confident but having basic knowledge alone won’t work. If you want to create an interactive web site it would take you days to create it but as a web developer you have to do it in a less amount of time because you might be having other projects too to complete. So how should we do it? The answer is that many frameworks are available which you have to learn in order to create some good websites.They are easy to learn but requires a good practise. You have to learn the frameworks in-order to create a beautiful web page. Some of them are listed below: 

  1. Angular: Angular.js is a full featured Javascript framework that supports Model-View-Controller programming structure and is perfect for building dynamic, single page web apps. 
    Developed and supported by Google in 2009, Angular.js contains a library of JS code based on standard JavaScript and HTML. Angular.js was initially a tool that enabled designers to interact with both backend and frontend. 

  2. Vue: the Versatile JavaScript Framework, Being a cross-platform, highly progressive framework, Vue becomes the first choice for many developers who need to develop single page applications. In the typical MVC architecture for developing web applications, Vue acts as the View, meaning it lets you see display portions of the data. 

  2. React: created by Facebook react is one of the most popular javascript library. It is declarative and component based framework which allows you to write once and run anywhere. 
    These were the frameworks from which you can create some amazing websites. This was a small introduction to the world of javascript.
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