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Java.util.function.LongBinaryOperator interface with Examples

  • Last Updated : 18 Jul, 2019

The LongBinaryOperator interface was introduced in Java 8. It represents an operation on two long values and returns the result as a long value. It is a functional interface and thus can be used as a lambda expression or in a method reference. It is mostly used when the operation needs to be encapsulated from the user.


  1. applyAsLong(): This function takes two long values, performs the required operation and returns the result as a long.
    public long applyAsLong(long val1, long val2)

Example to demonstrate LongBinaryOperator interface as a lambda expression .

// Java program to demonstrate LongBinaryOperator
import java.util.function.LongBinaryOperator;
public class LongBinaryOperatorDemo {
    public static void main(String[] args)
        LongBinaryOperator longBinaryOperator = (x, y) ->
            return x + y;
        System.out.print("343666 + 547477 = ");
                               .applyAsLong(343666, 547477));
        LongBinaryOperator longBinaryOperator1 = (x, y) ->
            return x * y;
        System.out.print("343666 * 547477 = ");
                               .applyAsLong(343666, 547477));
343666 + 547477 = 891143
343666 * 547477 = 188149230682


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