Jaro Education/Toppscholars Interview Experience | Sales Profile

Jaro Education is an EdTech Company located across many locations in India. It started from Maharashtra, with more than 5 offices in the state. They offer educational courses to senior executives who are currently involved in jobs or some business.

Visit the company’s link: https://jaroeducation.com/

So, Jaro Education started their own vertical ‘Jaro Toppscholars’ in 2018. They offer courses to children from class KG to 12.

They visited our campus for the profile of Career Development which is a Sales Profile.

Round 1: GD Round where in groups of 10 candidates were made. The topics of my GD was ‘How to involve the concept of Online Education in the current Education System of India’. Out of 10 candidates 4 were shortlisted for the next round. The GD topics asked in the other groups were general in nature.

Round 2: After getting shortlisted from the GD round, it was time for PI. The Round 1 of PI started with usual ‘Tell me about yourself question’. Later on, I was asked to elaborate my resume. Then, the major question was ‘Why Sales ?’, ‘Where do you see yourself after 5 years’, ‘Why going for Non-Tech Job and not for Tech Job’ and I was made to sell a chair for Rs.1, 00, 000.

Round 3: It was a Skype Online Round. I was asked basic HR questions like ‘Tell us something apart from your Resume’, ‘Initiate an active conversation for 2 minutes’, and some basic questions of general nature.

Round 4: It was held in the Gurgaon Office. The senior HR was taking the interview. I was given various Sales related situations and was made to answer them quickly and analytically. They were expecting a quick and knowledgeable reply.

The next day, I received a mail from my college department, that I was hired.

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