Jabong Interview Experience for Software Development Engineer

Jabong recently visited our campus. About 70 students gave the written test.

Here’s my interview experience.

Round 1: (Written)

Part 1(MCQ) – 30 minutes, 25 questions. Questions were from DS,OOPS, DBMS, Quantitative.

Part 2 (coding test on paper) – 30 minutes, 5 questions. Standard gfg questions. 3 questions were easy, rest 2 were of medium difficulty. I was able to do all of them.

Around 20 students were shortlisted after written round.

Interview 1 – Since I had mentioned ‘design patterns’in my resume, I was asked about observer, singleton and factory method pattern. I was asked to code them. Questions about my coding approach in written round, discussed about optimizing my approach. I mentioned KMP algorithm during discussion, was asked to explain it.

Interview 2 – Discussion about the projects I had worked on. I had to explain MVC architecture, frameworks that I had used. Explained detail design of my work.

Interview 3 –He was some very senior person from organization. I was again asked about my projects, challenges I faced and how I handled them. How I see Jabong growing in coming years. Any expectations I had in technical field.

Interview 4:
HR round. We had casual discussion about everything other than work.

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