J.P. Morgan Interview Experience for Full Time Analyst Role – Focused Analytics Solutions Team (FAST)

J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. (JPMC) has created the Focused Analytics Solutions Team (FAST) for the first time in India in 2020. This team was tried out in the U.S. first and after seeing the success there, this team was initialized in India as well. JPMC came to Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute (VJTI), Mumbai as a part of campus recruitment. All branches of engineering were allowed to attempt this test with a pointer criteria of 6+ CGPA.


Round 1: Round 1 was conducted in VJTI campus’ computer labs. A total of 450 students attempted this test. This round was a Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) round which was hosted on CoCubes platform. There were 3 sections in this MCQ round.


Section 1: The first section was the Cognitive section which was an aptitude test containing 50 questions. The questions were based on quantitative ability, verbal ability, logical reasoning, and data interpretation. We were given 1 hour for attempting this section.


Section 2: The second section was the MS-Excel L1 section which contained 20 MCQs. These questions were based on MS-Excel formulas, Pivot Tables, etc. Like section 1, we were again given 1 hour for attempting this section.


Section 3: In the third section, we were given 3 options: Java, Python, or SQL. Even though my preferred language is Python, I selected the Java MCQ section because attempting MCQs of Java is easier than Python. This section contained 20 MCQs. These questions were based on the Object Oriented Programming, Output Prediction, and Error Detection. We were given ½ hour for attempting this section.


Out of 450 students, 17 students were selected for the interview round. I was on the top of this list. From round 2 onwards, all rounds happened in the office of JPMC, Prism Tower, Mindspace, Malad West, Mumbai. The interviewers were very cooperative and friendly. They offered us snacks and beverages so that we can calm ourselves before the interview. They presented a 25 min PPT explaining about their companies, their activities, and the role itself.


Round 2: Round 2 was the Technical round. The interviews were taken in the order of the ranking of the previous round. So as I was 1st in the round 1, I was the first person being interviewed (Being 1st in interviews or vivas is good according to me as you don’t build up stress in your mind while you are waiting for other interviews). I am enlisting the questions that I remember now. I may have missed some of them here.


Question 1: There are 17 candidates including you. What is the probability that you will get selected?

My Answer: I asked how many roles can I expect for answering this question. They said only 1 will be selected. Now, the common but wrong answer to this question would have been 1/17. But this cannot be the case. So I asked whether the results of the previous round would affect this selection process. They said you can assume it will not. I told them that I am assuming that other candidates have a 50% chance of being better than me and thus a 50% chance of being not better than me too. So for my selection, I should be better than all other 16 candidates. So I gave the answer 1/216. I still don’t know whether this answer was correct or not but the interviewers were happy so I am assuming that this was correct. Giving the correct answer is important but asking clarifying questions and explaining your thought process throughout the interview is more important than giving the correct answer.


Question 2: Do you know about local minima in Machine Learning? What are the ways to avoid stucking in a local minima?

My Answer: They allowed me to answer on the white board. I explained Simulated Annealing and Tabu Search for this by drawing the loss function graph on the white board.


Question 3: What Python libraries have you worked with?

My Answer: Although Python provides a lot of functionality through built in functions itself, I have used pandas, scikit-learn, beautiful soup, pyautogui, etc.


Question 4: Tell me about your internship project (I had done a 2 months internship as an Analyst role)?

My Answer: I answered this using STAR (Situation, Task, Action, and Result) method. I explained what the client’s problems were (Situation). I said what was my role in this project (Task). I said what have I done in my task (Action). And then I told them how my actions were used by the client (Result).


Question 5: Your resume says that you are into competitive programming? So why do you want to apply for the Analyst role instead of a Software Developer role?

My Answer: Analyst role also involves developing software. If we have a strong background of software development, it would be easier for us to adapt to new libraries and write programs in them. After hearing this, one of the interviewers told me that they are looking for a person who has a strong background in software development so that they can apply that learning in this field. And when your interviewer reciprocates your answer, it is a sign that you have answered it correctly.


Question 6: Do you know about Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors?

My Answer: I had not revised statistics before coming to the interview so instead of trying to bluff or give the wrong answer, I confessed that I had not revised this and I don’t remember this concept. Interviewers don’t expect you to give 100% correct answers.


Question 7: I don’t remember the exact question but it was a probability question involving taking out colored balls from a box without replacement.


This interview was almost 30 to 45 minutes long. After interviews of all 17 candidates, 4 candidates including me were shortlisted for the last round.


Round 3: The last round was the HR round. Some candidates were asked technical questions as well. But I was enquired about my plans of study abroad. And when I convinced the interviewer that I am planning to obtain my future learnings through corporate experience only, the interviewer and I started discussing the learning opportunities that the company provides and other general talks about my background.


At the end of this round 3 out of 4 were selected and I was one of the selected people. This interview experience was really great for me. This day is truly memorable for me.

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