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Ixigo Interview Experienced for SDE2 Backend

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 03 Feb, 2019

There were two interviewers. Asked questions primarily around Java
1. What is the difference between two String assignments, via literal and constructor. They wanted to know about the String Constant Pool and its working.
2. What is the Java Memory Model
3. How does the Java code gets compiled and executed on the machine?
4. Some questions about Collections Framework. How to implement an ArrayList? What to do about size constraints?
5. Example of a Singleton Object. How to protect it in a multithreaded environment. Basically understanding of synchronized keyword.
6. What are Bean scopes in Spring? What are the pitfalls of using a Session Scope bean in a Singleton Scope bean?
7. Given a binary tree, if a node is burnt, and each subsequent node is burnt in 1 sec, in how much time the entire tree would be burnt. Time complexity computation.

Average Experience. Not Selected.

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