IVY Comptech Interview Experience

Round 1:
They kept a written test. It contained three phases

1) Aptitude
2) MCQs on java
3) One coding question
I passed the test with more score.They asked me to wait for the second round.Most of the people are filtered at first round.

Round 2:
This is the technical round.
1) They asked about my project and also few questions from the Operating systems and java advanced concepts.
2) They also asked the puzzle to solve it.Since this is a game development company, they compulsory ask the puzzles.
3) They also asked the data structures and algorithms especially on trees.
Successfully I completed the round

Round 3:
This is HR round.
They asked me which technology you are good in.
Why do you choose this company?
Is there any problem if we provide different work location?

Luckily, they said you are selected after HR round. Thanks GeeksForGeeks because I prepared for interview from the articles you posted. It helped me a lot.

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