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IVTL Infoview Technologies | Pooled off campus Drive | 2019 Passed Outs

  • Last Updated : 19 Feb, 2019

I will express exactly the same way the interview process happened.

Infoview Technologies recruit only once in your Zone. Being from a Coimbatore Zone I have got a chance to attend the interview. Top and Cremey layer colleges in Tamilnadu like PSG, Kumaraguru, Bannari Amman Insti, SREC, Kongu, SKCET participated in the Day 1 interview process provided that you are from CS, IT, ECE, EEE, EIE background.

The venue for my batch (2019 passed out) is Sri Krishna College, Coimbatore.


The process begins with the PPT followed by the Aptitude Test.

Please try to ask the questions regarding ERP and answer the questions to HR. It may be very helpful while attending the Personal HR interview at last.

We were instructed to focus on JAVA, Mathematics and verbal. To the surprise, the questions were only from basic 10 the and 12th Mathematics, +2 Physics, Chemistry and Biology and no questions where from CS. Some questions were repeated too. I was not so confident about the results as I have studied those subjects four years ago. Total marks consist of 100 marks out of which equal distribution to Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

After Lunch results were declared, out of 100 students from my college, 30 got shortlisted. Fortunately, my name was the first amongst many students in Off-Campus.

DAY 2 :

I need to travel about 3 hours coz., my college is at the extreme end of the Erode District. After arrival and completing the enrollment procedures, we were allowed to submit our resume and Enter into the Panels.

The interview panel consists of four panels like Panel 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Each candidate must attend the Technical HR ’s of all the Panels.

Panel members are all who are experts in their domains.


Since they follow the Japanese culture in their working environment, I was very impressed with their approach excluding the reviews from Glassdoor. My Panel 1, Tech HR gave me 2 C programming questions and asked me to write the output. Hailing from a non CS background, I have answered those and it is too easy and simple. He asked me to introduce myself and asked simple definitions in C.

  1. Define static
  2. What is the difference between Extern and Global variable declaration
  3. What is the difference between HTTP and https
  4. Say about your Family.


The Technical HR in this panel is so straightforward and asked me only pattern-based programming. I asked my fellow candidates too. He asked only pattern-based programming for all. I will give you a few.

He asks any one of the pattern based question and asked some basics about JAVA. Though I am not well versed in JAVA, I have gone through some basic parts of JAVA which helped me a lot. He asked about the OOPS concepts and some ambiguity in Diamond Problem.

50% elimination at each level of the interview expect Round 5 and Round 6.


He asked about each nook and corner of my resume for example about my hobbies, my non-technical competencies, my roles and responsibilities, my projects and its algorithm, my Foreign language interests, my academic subjects of present and last semester and a puzzle. I have solved the puzzle which is about a number series.

Note: Refer GeeksforGeeks puzzle section


Now, the real face of the IVTL begins, As soon as I entered the room, he demotivated me and scolded me why you have attended the interview despite being hailing from non CS/IT background. But I defended I am from a Circuit background and I can do the job.

He asked about

  1. War files and Jar files.
  2. difference between a huge pointer and narrow pointer
  3. Difference between self-referential structure and union

I managed to answer.

At last, he asked ……Being from non CS/IT background how can you excel in job role?

I answered ………in multiple ways and he got convinced. He is so mean by the way.


It took around 7.00 pm in the evening started from 9.00 am in the morning …….They declared results………..7/9 got shortlisted for the Personal HR round ……….only 2 were eliminated (me and my dept. friend).I was very much disappointed.I was eliminated not because of my skills but because of my department background.

The Interview process is good but the insight of some Technical HR’s is not so fair and mean.If they were intended to hire only CS/IT/EC background students, why they allow other dept. students to write the test.

……………………………………………WAIT FOR YOUR TURN UNTIL ALMIGHTY SHOWERS YOU…………………………………………………………………………………………………..

PS: Rounds in the interview process of IVTL is discussed and their selection process in the Interview Panel is also written in a very detailed manner.

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