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ITC Infotech Interview Experience | Set 2 (On-Campus)

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My ITC-Infotech Interview Experience-
ITC-Infotech visited our campus offering post of IT-consultant. They have only one office in Bengluru and one in silicon valley, you may get chance to work in silicon valley 😉
They were mainly hiring for making team of 50 people for Z-Labs. Cloud computing and Big data were field they are working

First Round (Online test)
It was a simple online test
There were 4 sections
1. Quantitative aptitude
2. English
3. Basic C/C++ MCQs
4. Logical Reasoning
it was conducted on AMCAT

Second Round ( Tech+HR)

This round was Tech+HR
HR first asked to tell me about myself,then asked about family ,siblings,what they are doing now.
Tech guy asked questions mainly from DS and algo
some of which i remember are
1.Quick-sort worst case complexity
2.Which sorting takes minimum time,maximum time and average time for sorting a sorted array.
3. Deletion of given node from singly linked list and doubly linked list in constant time.
4.Basic questions on TREE
5.Concepts of OOPS

Again HR, Why do you want to join ITC-Infotech

All rounds were easy,interviewer and HR were very nice people
They declared result same day, and i got selected 😀

Hope it helps.

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Last Updated : 08 May, 2017
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