ITC Infotech Interview Experience (On-Campus)

1.Technical Round(Basics) F2F(15-20min)
2.Technical Round(In-depth & Real Time Scenarios)F2F(40min)
3.HR-Round(Very Sound enough ques. that may confuse the candidate). (40min)

I attended the ITC Infotech interview through my learning institute, There were about 30-45 students attended the interview.

1.Technical Round(Basics) F2F:
a)Tell me about yourself.
b)First question on my workshop. (Related to ANDROID)
c)Then questions on JAVA on the MAIN METHOD working.
d)The process of executing a JAVA class file in JVM.
e)Asked about SDLC Approach on different secenarios.
f)Checking your Confidence and Communication Skills(MANDATORY THING THAT THEY WILL DO)

2.Technical Round(In-depth & Real Time Secenarios)F2F
a)Write negative secenarios on Myntra bill payment gateway
b)Write test cases for depolying airbags in a car( when the car hit with hard object)
c)Program on a reverse string(PALINDROME) in java
e)SQL-Basic Queries

Reads every line of your resume and asks many questions from the resume. (both managerial and technical questions asked).
b)What will you do if won a 10cr. lottery and will you do this job? (He explained what he will do(for 2min) and then asked for my answer).
c)Will you join the company who offers you more than our company?
d)Convince me that you are CREATIVE.
e)Asked about my academic project and about my learning institute
f)asked about my habits and family background
g)asked to sing a song in your regional language.

Finally, I cleared all rounds and selected in ITC Infotech.I accepted the offer for Manual Testing Position.

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