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ITC-Infotech came to us in July 2019. It was an on-campus recruitment drive. There was a total two-day process that contents a PPT followed by an aptitude test and two personal interviews. Of course, those are a technical interview and HR interview.

Online Test: The online test is conducted on the amcat platform. There are four sections in the online test. every section you have to complete in a given time. The four sections are program debugging which is also called Automata Fix, Verbal Ability, Analytical Ability, General Aptitude.

In Automata Fix You will get a total of 20 minutes to solve seven problems. And in other sections, each had a total of 20-30 minutes to solve 10-20 problems. There were approx 900 candidates that appeared in the online test. And only 103 candidates selected for the next round. luckily I was one of them.

Personal Interview: That was my a very first-time personal interview so I was a little scared. when I entered the interview room, the interviewer asked me to seat and took my CV. The interview was very friendly. He generally asked me if I am nervous or scared and offered me water. Then he asked me about myself and my family. After that, he asked me some technical and general ability questions. The questions are –

1. What is an object-oriented language and why java is an object-oriented language?

2. Write an update SQL query.

3.Puzzle –

  • there is a weighing machine and you have five boxes wherein each box has five balls.four of them have 1mg balls and one of them has 1.1mg can use the weighing machine only once. you have to find which box content 1.1mg balls.
  • in your home, you have a terrace where there are three light bulbs and there are three switches in your ground hall. you can go only once in terraces. you have to map switches with the light bulbs.

4.General Ability-

-find the missing number

4, 1, 6, 4, 8, 7, _

6, 18, 8, 24, 14, 42, 16, __

HR Interview: The HR questions are-

-Tell me about yourself.

-Tell me about your family.

-Why ITC-Infotech?

-Tell me five things about ITC-Infotech.

-Are you get an offer from another company?

-How many companies did you appear in?

-Why you not selected there?

A total of 77 people got an offer. But I was unlucky.

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