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ITC INFOTECH Interview Experience

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ITC INFOTECH was among the first three companies, who came to our campus. There were some minor changes in the exam pattern. Through I was busy with my internship, still I managed to prepare for the aptitude rounds and was mainly focusing on my basics. If your foundation is strong, then you don’t need to worry much about the interview rounds. I also checked the past experiences on GeekforGeeks and Glassdoor. That helped me a lot in planning, which areas I need to focus on.

Aptitude Round :

The aptitude round was an online, AMCAT pattern test. The questions were not so tough, but finishing them within the time limit was the real challenge.

Aptitude topics:

  • Number system
  • LCM, HCF
  • Profit & loss
  • Time and distance
  • Find the odd one out
  • Simple and compound interest
  • Basic algebra
  • Percentage calculation
  • Direction sense
  • Blood relation
  • Decision making
  • Number series
  • Encoding – Decoding

Apart from these, there were two more online rounds, the Psychometric Test round and the Debugging round.

Psychometric Test round: In this round, we were given some situations and four possible reactions for each situation. Our job was to find the best possible reaction and the worst one. Answer the questions very carefully, because your interviewer can ask you questions based on these answers.

Debugging round: We were given some coding questions and wrong code snippets. Our job was to compile them, find out the error and rectify them. This round has a short time limit, so it’s better to directly identify the error on the given line number, instead of checking the entire code.

Everybody did well in this round and many of them qualified for the interview rounds.


Technical Interview Round :

It was a rainy day, and everybody was so tensed about their first interview. Fortunately, I was the first candidate of the day. After listening to my introduction, my interviewer went through my resume. He initiated the round by asking some basic questions from data structures, database management systems and operating system. Then he started asking about my ongoing internship experiences. He asked me about the challenges that I faced during my internship and also how did I overcome those challenges. Since I am a Machine Learning enthusiast, he asked me to explain regression and classification using pen & paper. Then he gave me a real-life scenario, asked me to justify how a machine learning engineer can solve this situation is a more optimised way, than a normal tech guy. Overall, we had a good discussion.

A few hours later, one of our volunteers informed me that I got selected for the final round.

Note: Focus on your basics. Make your foundation strong. Be confident.


HR Round :

The HR round was comparatively easy. The interviewer went through my online test scores and started asking me questions on my psychometric test answers. Later, he went through my resume and asked me about my inspiration behind this internship. Then he asked me about my family, my location preference, and also whether I am ready to work in any domain, other than Machine Learning. Then he asked me to wait for the final results.

Note: Be ready to face questions, based on your psychometric test answers.

After lunch, we went to the Auditorium. I was so nervous about the result, for which everybody was eagerly waiting. After a long wait, they finally called my name, and   I got my first job!!


Last Updated : 01 Jun, 2020
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