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ISRO | ISRO CS 2018 | Question 19

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  • Last Updated : 02 Jul, 2018
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A doubly linked list is declared as

struct Node {
       int Value;
       struct Node *Fwd;
       struct Node *Bwd;

Where Fwd and Bwd represent forward and backward link to the adjacent elements of the list. Which of the following segments of code deletes the node pointed to by X from the doubly linked list, if it is assumed that X points to neither the first nor the last node of the list?

(A) X->Bwd->Fwd = X->Fwd; X->Fwd->Bwd = X->Bwd ;
(B) X->Bwd.Fwd = X->Fwd ; X.Fwd->Bwd = X->Bwd ;
(C) X.Bwd->Fwd = X.Bwd ; X->Fwd.Bwd = X.Bwd ;
(D) X->Bwd->Fwd = X->Bwd ; X->Fwd->Bwd = X->Fwd;

Answer: (A)


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