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ISRO | ISRO CS 2015 | Question 50

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  • Last Updated : 06 Apr, 2018
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How many characters per sec (7 bits + 1 parity) can be transmitted over a 2400 bps line if the transfer is synchronous ( 1 start and 1 stop bit)?
(A) 300
(B) 240
(C) 250
(D) 275

Answer: (A)

Explanation: Size of each character = (7+1)bits = 8 bits
Bandwidth = 2400 bps
Number of characters to be transmitted = 2400/8 = 300
Note: In synchronous mode of transfer we don’t require start and stop bits but in Asynchronous mode of transfer these bits are added to the number of bits in each character.
So, correct option is (A)

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