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ISRO | ISRO CS 2013 | Question 4

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  • Last Updated : 03 May, 2018
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The following steps in a linked list

p = getnode()
 info (p) = 10
 next (p) = list
 list = p

result in which type of operation?


pop operation in stack


removal of a node


inserting a node at beginning 


modifying an existing node

Answer: (C)


The given steps result in the insertion of a new node at the beginning of a linked list.

The first step p = getnode() creates a new node p using the getnode() function (assuming it is defined elsewhere).

The second step info (p) = 10 sets the info field of the new node p to the value 10.

The third step next (p) = list sets the next field of the new node p to the current head of the linked list, which is pointed to by the list pointer.

Finally, the fourth step list = p updates the list pointer to point to the newly inserted node p, effectively making it the new head of the linked list.

Therefore, this sequence of steps performs an insertion operation at the beginning of the linked list, also known as a push operation.

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