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ISRO | ISRO CS 2009 | Question 23

Last Updated : 19 Nov, 2018
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The process of organizing the memory into two banks to allow 8 and 16-bit data operation is called
(A) Bank switching
(B) Indexed mapping
(C) Two-way memory interleaving
(D) Memory segmentation

Answer: (C)

Explanation: In interleaved memory, memory addresses are allocated to separate memory banks. In an interleaved system with two memory banks (assuming word-addressable memory), if some logical address belongs to bank 0, then the consecutive logical address would belong to bank 1, next logical would again belong to bank 0, and so on.
An interleaved memory is said to be n-way interleaved when there are n banks and memory location i resides in bank i mod n.
So, organizing the memory into two banks would be termed as Two-way memory interleaving.

Option (c) is correct.

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