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ISRO | ISRO CS 2008 | Question 10

  • Last Updated : 11 Jun, 2018

Which Project 802 standard provides for a collision-free protocol?
(A) 802.2
(B) 802.3
(C) 802.5
(D) 802.6

Answer: (C)

Explanation: Token ring is standardized with protocol IEEE 802.5. Token passing is the method of medium access, with only one token allowed to exist on the network at a time. Network devices must acquire the token to transmit data, and may only transmit a single frame before releasing the token to the next station on the ring. When a station has data to transmit, it acquires the token at the earliest opportunity, marks it as busy, and attaches the data and control information to the token to create a data frame, which is then transmitted to the next station on the ring. The frame will be relayed around the ring until it reaches the destination station, which reads the data, marks the frame as having been read, and sends it on around the ring. When the sender receives the acknowledged data frame, it generates a new token, marks it as being available for use, and sends it to the next station.

IEEE 802.2 is the logical link control (LLC) as the upper portion of the data link layer of the OSI Model.
IEEE 802.6 is a standard governed by the ANSI for Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN).
IEEE 802.3 is a working group and a collection of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) standards produced by the working group defining the physical layer and data link layer’s media access control (MAC) of wired Ethernet.

So, option (C) is correct.

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