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ISRO | ISRO CS 2007 | Question 67
  • Last Updated : 25 Jun, 2018

To execute all loops at their boundaries and within their operational bounds is an example of

(A) Black Box Testing
(B) Alpha Testing
(C) Recovery Testing
(D) White Box Testing

Answer: (D)

Explanation: White box testing is a testing technique which evaluates the code and the internal structure of a program. It involves looking at the structure of the code, when a tester already know the internal structure of a product, tests can be conducted to ensure that the internal operations performed according to the specification and all internal components have been adequately exercised.
White Box Testing is coverage of the specification in the code:
1. Code coverage
2. Segment coverage: Ensure that each code statement is executed once.
3. Branch Coverage or Node Testing: Coverage of each code branch in from all possible was.
4. Compound Condition Coverage: For multiple conditions test each condition with multiple paths and combination of the different path to reach that condition.
5. Basis Path Testing: Each independent path in the code is taken for testing.
6. Data Flow Testing (DFT): It is defining the set of intermediate paths through the code.
7. Path Testing: Path testing is where all possible paths through the code are defined and covered.
8. Loop Testing: these strategies relate to testing single loops, concatenated loops, and nested loops.

Option (D) is correct.

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