IRTF Full Form

IRTF stands for Internet Research Task Force. It focuses on longer-term research issues associated with the web. This is often a corporation that forms research groups to explore developments in Internet technology.
The IRTF is governed by the IRTF Chair in consultation with the web Research Steering Group (IRSG).


The IRTF could be composed of a variety of focused and long-term Research Groups. These groups work on topics associated with Internet protocols, applications, architecture, and technology. Research Groups have stable future membership needed to market the event of research collaboration and teamwork in exploring research issues. Participation is by individual contributors, instead of by representatives of organizations.
The IRTF is managed by the IRTF Chair in consultation with the net Research Steering Group (IRSG). The IRSG membership involves the IRTF Chair, the chairs of the numerous Research Groups, and other individuals from the research community selected by the IRTF Chair.


  • The Research Group (RG) performs an intensive technical and editorial review of the document and agrees it should be published.
  • Research Steering Group (IRSG) reviews the document and approves it for publication.
  • The Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG) reviews the document to assure that there are not any conflicts with current or expected standardization activities.
  • The document is then given to the RFC Editor for its publication.