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IrDA (Infrared Data Association)
  • Last Updated : 13 Apr, 2021

IrDA(Infrared Data Association) is one type of personal communication area network which is deployed in infrared rays.

IrDA Applications:

  • The data transfer takes place between a laptop(computer) and a Mobile when both come into vicinity and line-of-sight of the IR receivers and detectors in each of them.
  • To Send a document from a notebook computer to a printer.
  • By Exchanging business cards which are handheld by the PCs.
  • This provides the flexibility for coordinating schedules and telephone books with a desktop and notebook computers.
  • Point to shoot communication from peer to peer is a main characteristic for this protocol.

IrDA Protocol Layers:
There are different IrDA protocol layers are there

  • Application Layer
  • Session Layer
  • IrTinyTP
  • IrLMP
  • Physical Layer

IrDA Protocol Layers

Application Layer:

  • In this application layer protocol security plays a vital role.
  • Sync(PIM), Object Push(PIM) or Binary File Transfer are the functions provided by this layer.

Session Layer:
IrOBEX , IrLAN , IrBus , IrMC , TrTran , IrComm are present in this layer to perform different tasks.


  • Segmentation and reassembly takes place in this layer .
  • It provides connection to IrLMP.


  • It multiplexes multiple applications data as well as exclusive link access.
  • It provides an Ad-hoc connection between peers.

Physical Layer:

  • This layer has an ability for accessing half duplex or alternating directions duplex access.
  • It provides a value 1 m or 10 cm(For low power LED).
  • Different Modes: Synchronous PPM, Synchronous Serial ,Asynchronous Serial

Session and Transport IrDA Protocol:

  • For infrared LAN access IrLAN is used.
  • For accessing the serial bus by joysticks, keyboard, mice and game ports IrBUS is used.
  • In this protocol IrMC provides mobile communication and telephony protocol.
  • IrTran is a transport protocol for image file transfers.
  • IrComm protocol is used by emulating serial(Ex. RS232CCOM) or parallel port.

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