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IPP Full Form

  • Last Updated : 03 May, 2020

IPP stands for Internet Printing Protocol. It prints information via the network. Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) is an Internet protocol that allows universal solutions to users trying to print documents from the Internet. IPP is supported by all modern network printers and supersedes all legacy network protocols.



IPP began as a proposal by Novell for the creation of an Internet printing protocol project in 1996. IPP/1.0 was published as a series of experimental documents IPP is implemented using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and inherits all of the HTTP streaming and security features. After that IPP/1.1 and IPP 2.0 were published.

Characteristics of IPP

  • Easily Communicate: IPP is a fairly recent industry standard network printing protocol that is used for client-to-server and server-to-printer communications.
  • The protocol provides a basic model that includes printers and jobs, standard attributes for these printers and jobs, and a set of standard operations:
    • Required: Each object MUST support the attribute.
    • Recommended: Each object SHOULD support the attribute.
    • Optional: Each object MAY support the attribute.
  • Capabilities: The capabilities and state of a Printer object are described by its attributes:
    • job-template attributes.
    • printer-description attributes.
  • Object Relationships: IPP objects have relationships that are maintained persistently along with the persistent storage of the object attributes.

Advantages of IPP

  • It allows to find out about a printer’s capabilities and find out the status of a printer or a print job.
  • Submit print jobs to a printer and also cancel a previously submitted print job.
  • It takes advantage of the Web infrastructure to extend the concept of network printing into the Internet.
  • Support several authentication schemes, depending upon the client and server platforms.
  • It allows the system administrator and operators to control IPP system users and printer devices.

Disadvantages of IPP

  • Security Issues.
  • Additional Configuration.
  • Sequence Manipulation.
  • Amorphous Identification.

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