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IPGeoLocation – Find IP address information in Kali Linux

  • Last Updated : 17 Jun, 2021

IPGeoLocation is a free and open-source tool written in Python available on GitHub which is used to find information about the IP address on your Kali Linux operating system. It is used to retrieve IP Geolocation information. The tool is powered by the IP-API, which is an API used to retrieve information about IP Geolocation. This tool is written in python, so you must have python3, termcolor, colorama modules installed in your system in order to use the tool.  This tool selects a random proxy on the new line and the IP geolocation maps that IP using Google Map. You can export CSV, XML, and txt formats.


Step 1: Open your Kali Linux operating system. Use the following command to install the tool.

git clone

Step 2: Use the following command to move in the directory of the tool.

cd IPGeoLocation

Step 3: Now the tool has been downloaded. Now you have to install the requirements using the following commands.

pip3 install -r requirements.txt --user

Step 4: Now you have to give permission to the tool using the following command.

chmod +x

Step 3: All the requirements have been installed. To run the tool use the following commands.


The tool is running successfully. Now we will see examples.


Example 1: Use the IPGeoLocation tool to know your own IP information.

./ -m 

Example 2: Use the IPGeoLocation tool to find out the geolocation information of a domain.

./ -t

You can see that the tool gives all the geolocation information about the target. You can also use the geolocation tool to find your own target geolocation information.

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