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ION Group Interview Experience for Technical Analyst | Off-Campus

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I am a 2021 graduate and I applied for the Technical Analyst role at ION Group off-campus (referral) in the month of August 2021. The entire process took around 2 weeks.

Process: Online Test, Interview Round 1, Interview Round 2, Final Interview with the Country Head

Round 1: Online Test

The test was conducted on the AMCAT platform and comprised English, Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Analysis, Technical Aptitude (CS/ IT Basics), Business Analytics (Data Interpretation), and Database and SQL-based questions. The sections appeared in the above-mentioned order and one is not allowed to skip any question, all questions must be answered in the time limit specific to each section respectively.

Round 2: Interview Round 1

The interview was conducted on MS Teams and was scheduled for a duration of 1.5 hours. The interview started with a casual conversation as he realized that I was a bit nervous ( Trust me ION interviewers have a great vibe, they turn interviews into fun discussions), then he gave his introduction followed by the typical “Tell me something about yourself” question followed by some discussion on the company I am currently working in, the tech-stack I work on, work culture, learnings, and take-aways.

Moving on he asked me the below-listed questions:

  • How will you explain the concept of the Internet to a 6-year-old kid?
  • Puzzle – Find ages of daughters
  • Puzzle – Mislabeled Jars
  • What is Virtual Memory?
  • What’s the difference between JRE and JVM?
  • Basic LINUX commands
  • A case study (was something about whether a company should merge with another, interpretation of the case, and follow-up discussion)
  • Why do you wanna switch from a Technical to more of a non-technical role?
  • What do you know about ION, and what makes you the right fit for the job?

Round 3: Interview Round 2

The interview was conducted on MS Teams and was scheduled for a duration of 0.5 hours, the interview started with the infamous “Tell me something about yourself” question, followed by a discussion of my current role at my company.  

  • Since I worked in a firm related to the education field, I was asked questions based on a scenario where I am an admission counselor and was supposed to counsel a high school student who’s my client as well.
  • A tree-swing story (Interpretation and suggestive measures)

Round 4: Interview with the Country Head  

Again the interview was on MS teams and it was scheduled for around 45 minutes and was a group interview. The interview was more focused on analyzing if the candidate is a right fit for the company.  

  • I was asked to give a brief introduction and was asked why I want to switch to a non-technical role?
  • Why ION Trading?
  • Next, I was given 2 minutes to speak about myself

The interview ended with a general discussion on growing technologies, the company’s work culture, and other related topics.

Verdict: Selected  

Tips: Be honest and confident while answering the questions, trust me, you have it in you.

I would like to thanks geeks for geeks to help me with the preparation of core subjects concepts and puzzles. It is indeed a one stop solution Software Field Students.

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Last Updated : 04 Oct, 2021
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