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Intuit Interview Experience for Summer Internship Off-Campus (2 months)
  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 30 Mar, 2021

There were 2 Rounds on CV selection, 1 Online Coding Round and 2 Technical Rounds, and 1 HR Round.

Coding Round:

Total 4 questions were asked (I was able to solve 3 of them completely including the hard one). One was easy, two were medium, and last was hard.

  1. Given a matrix of size N*N (empty) and k (number of operations). In each operation, you will be given two values r (rth row) and c (cth column) and you have to place ‘X’ in rth row cells and cth column cells. After each operation, you are required to print the number of empty cells in the matrix.

    Example :

    n = 5, k = 3
    1st operation : r = 3, c = 2  
    2nd operation : r = 4, c = 4
    3rd operation : r = 3, c = 5

    Output (Total empty cells after each operation) :

  2. There are N students and K toffees. Student can take toffees if both conditions satisfy:
    • He/she must be able to take all the candies he/she wants.
    • All his/her friends must to able to take all the candies they want to take.

    Given M pairs of friends, find the maximum number of students who can take all the candies of their desire.

    Two more questions were there in which one was from Graph and other was from Implementation.

Technical Round 1: Based on Coding, Data Structure and Algorithm, DBMS, behavior

  1. Related to pointers (mainly pointer pointing to 2D array) and address (in depth)(
  3. Find all the triplets :
  4. DBMS queries and questions

Technical Round 2: Based on Project, Coding, Data Structure and Algorithm, OOP, DBMS, behavior.

  1. Detailed discussion on Project like stacks and technologies used, problem faced, how did you manage to make your app efficient, database structure and schemas, functional and non functional requirements, security, scalability, etc.
  3. What is singleton class and how to make such a class in Java/C++.(
  4. What is multithreading and how to avoid multi threads to access a resource at a time? (
  5. What is Regex ? How to efficiently find all the data (documents) in the database that don’t match the given Regex ?.
  6. What are the benefits of using Mongo DB and Firebase as databases (I told them that I have used Firebase and Firestore).
  7. How to avoid compiler to do optimization for some certain resource. (
  8. O(n) time and O(1) space without changing the relative position of elements. (
  9. How did you test your application? How have you applied unit testing to it ?
  10. How did you optimize your React Application ? (My answer was : using Lazy loading, dividing into modules, optimizing webpack, etc) 

HR Round(Telephonic):

  1. Questions like could have you done better in all previous rounds and how, what has been your greatest failure, what do you know about us or our company and many more. 
  2. This round was all about testing the candidate and what steps did I take up to tackle the above mentioned problems.

There were many more questions asked, but I have remembered these only.  Be positive and aloud during the interview. Don’t be nervous and in rush to answer the question. Take your time. Interviewers are always nice and have a helping nature (in my case they were very nice, polite, helped me wherever I got stuck).  Believe in yourself and always in God.

Thanks to GeeksforGeeks, HackerRank, HackerEarth, CodeChef, Codeforces.

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