Introduction to PySimpleGUI

It is easy to use with simple yet HIGHLY customizable features of GUI for Python. It is based solely on Tkinter. It is a Python GUI For Humans that Transforms Tkinter, PyQt, Remi, WxPython into portable user-friendly Pythonic interfaces.

How can we use PySimpleGUI?

The Steps for using the GUI package PySimpleGUI are:-

  • Install PySimpleGUI
  • pip install PySimpleGUI 
  • Find a GUI that looks a lot similar to which you want to design and create.
  • Copy code from Cookbook.
  • Paste into your IDE and run.

Example: Sample Program to showcase PySimpleGUI layout.





import PySimpleGUI as sg
layout = [[sg.Text('Your typed characters appear here:'),
           sg.Text(size=(15,1), key='-OUTPUT-')],
          [sg.Button('Display'), sg.Button('Exit')]]
window = sg.Window('Introduction', layout)
while True:
    event, values =
    print(event, values)
    if event in  (None, 'Exit'):
    if event == 'Display':
        # Update the "output" text element
        # to be the value of "input" element



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