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Introduction to Microsoft SharePoint

  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 24 Mar, 2022

Microsoft SharePoint is basically a Web-based collaborative platform, it comes under the umbrella of Tech giant Microsoft, it was launched in 2001. It is mainly used to handle web application development and content management by providing powerful tools such as organizing content, providing collaborating, and managing information in a very structured way. it is primarily sold as a document storage and management system. Microsoft Sharepoint is highly configurable and has a vast application among organizations, It is accessible anywhere in the world via a browser and the internet.

Microsoft also states that Microsoft  SharePoint has Over 190 million active users across a massive  200,000 customer organization.

Microsoft Sharepoint has mainly 6  different areas which are stated below :

  1. Sites: managing and building websites
  2. Communities: Creating a social and collaborative environment
  3. Content: Managing your data and records
  4. Search: Search your info
  5. Composites: Work Together
  6. Insights:  Digging for Business intelligence

What is Sharepoint Online?

  1. In simple words Microsoft Sharepoint is a combination of cloud and web based technology that makes easy to store and share information with an organization
  2. it allows to collaborate with the users such as vendors and customers.
  3. sharepoint online is basically divided into three main parts : onesite , newsfeed  , and sites.
  4. sharepoint online is a part of office 365 suite of services
  5. Big and small companies uses Microsoft sharepoint to create websites

What are the benefits of using Sharepoint?

Following are the benefits of using SharePoint:

  • Cloud framework : Because of its cloud based technology , it is fast , simple and scalable , as it is cloud based so you can connect your project from anywhere around the world
  • Document management : Management of document is the most widely used feature of Sharepoint. It includes many features that help to maintain of the document management features includes version control ,  Document Search, Document Check out & Check-In,  Customized Templates Document Workflow, Permission alerts, and Document alerts.
  • Team Collaboration : One of the most important features  of sharepoint is that it allows you to connect with your colleagues and business partners  in  a creative way to share ideas , documents, and important information regarding an organization. This approach allows information and knowledge to flow more frequently throughout the organization.
  • Security : As we all know that the data of an organization is the most crucial thing , but Sharepoint ensures you that whatever the data you are sharing it  will be secured in every possible way . it also uses cloud solutions to ensure that confidential documents that are being  stored on the cloud are never compromised to any security risk.
  • Highly Responsive: Sharepoint is highly responsive across all devices and platforms . It performs important tasks such as sharing of documents, storing the records of business reports, answering to customer’s queries, etc.
  • Integrated platform : It allows easy integration techniques such as Extensible Mark-up Language (XML) , Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP),  numerous Application Programming Interface (APIs), and event handlers for documents and lists.
  • Content Management :  For a non – technical person , creating , updating and deleting information on a website is a very difficult task . SharePoint allows content management, which helps a non-technical person to easily create, modify, and delete content form their websites.

Elaboration on the features of Sharepoint:

  • Connectivity with mobile :  The best feature of  microsoft sharepoint is that we can connect to it from any mobile phone or tablet with internet connection enabled in it.We can read and modify our lists/libraries, documents and other site contents using our device. This is one of the best features of SharePoint.
  • Browser support : Microsoft sharepoint is supported  by almost all of the browsers across the internet , including the latest internet explorer , Apple safari , google chrome , and mozilla firefox . so it does not depend which browser you are  currently using you can access sharepoint from any browser .
  • Rich user interface : Sharepoint provides rich user interface  . it makes easier for their users to interact with the sharepoint  features .
  • Microsoft Suite Integration: weather Be it  Excel, Word, PowerPoint, or Outlook, SharePoint online can be seamlessly integrated to the entire suite of Microsoft business applications. And, it has greater compatibility with a host of key web browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, etc.
  • Content Creation with ease : it allows user to easily create and modify  content on their website with the help of rich user interface and functionality of the sharepoint
  • Publishing content on the web : It allows users to publish content on the web easily basically non technical person find difficult to handle CRUD operations on the website but sharepoint makes it easy for everyone.
  • Collaboration with others : it includes advanced collaboration with  wikis , Blogs , forums.
  • Integration with outlook : Sharepoint also integrates with outlook and it extends the capability of the sharepoint .it  allows users to use drag-drop or copy-paste to move emails to the folder and  It helps the users to synchronise the folders with the microsoft SharePoint .

What is sharepoint used for?

The main use of sharepoint is to Create Website . it can be used as a secure place to store and organize  all the documents in a structured way  , from where they can be accessed easily. Sharepoint is also used for content creation , with the help of sharepoint users can create quality content.

The SharePoint Framework provides a development model based on the TypeScript language. its  technical stack is  node.js, yeoman , , webstack,  npm , gulp . It also embraces a modern web technologies development method. It is the only supported way to customize the new modern experience user interface .  It has been globally available since mid 2017. It allows a web developer to step into Microsoft SharePoint development more easily.

What is Sharepoint App ? 

sharepoint is a stand alone web based application that extends and enhances the functionality of a SharePoint site. SharePoint apps can be made for any functionality that is not readily available within SharePoint. that means their are some functionality that is not included in website version but are in the app .

sharepoint app is also launched by microsoft to make things easier .  it is a part of office 365 suite services .  . it was first launched in 2013 by microsoft . Millions of users of smart phones and tablets are accustomed to downloading and using simple yet effective apps on their mobile devices. Similarly SharePoint users now have a platform that is more flexible and open for development, hosting, and distribution of SharePoint apps that are designed to be quick to set up, manage, use, upgrade, and remove. 

some of the features if sharepoint app are – 

  1. corporate news app – it allows you to manage client app parts in sharepoint sites . it allows you to manage news content.
  2. quick poll app – it allows quick analysis of surveys and get the feedback
  3. myFAQ app – This app allows you to create and maintain a bunch of frequently asked questions for people visiting your SharePoint site.

Hosting sharepoint apps:

  1. The SharePoint 2013 app model facilitates two primary approaches to hosting apps for SharePoint: SharePoint-hosted and cloud-hosted. An app for SharePoint can have both SharePoint-hosted and cloud hosted components.
  2. SharePoint-hosted apps are installed on a SharePoint 2013 site, called the host web, and have their resources hosted on a subsite called the app web. The apps can reuse common SharePoint components, such as lists and Web Parts; however, the apps can only use JavaScript and not any server-side code.
  3. Cloud hosted apps for SharePoint includes components that are deployed and hosted outside of the SharePoint farm. A cloud-hosted app for SharePoint interacts with a SharePoint 2013 site but also uses resources and services that reside on the remote site.

INfact Apps in SharePoint 2013 are not tied to just traditional SharePoint development tools and can developed on common platforms and tools for building web applications such as HTML, JavaScript, PHP, .NET, and Microsoft Visual Studio. The Cloud App Model supports a multi-tier architecture in which the app’s business logic, data, and user interface (UI) can use separate components. For example, an app could have its presentation logic is in HTML and JavaScript and runs on the client, its business logic in Microsoft .NET, and its data is stored in SQL server. Apps can be designed where one component could use SharePoint functions such as search, workflows, lists, and social networking and other components could be external to SharePoint.

How is SharePoint Useful for Collaboration?

Sharepoint can be used for collaboration in an enterprise level , as we all know the collaboration is an important factor in the continuity for the business process and also for their effective implementation . it also improves the employment engagement . and for these things to take place sharepoint can help us a  lot.

Microsoft SharePoint is a widely used enterprise-level and business-level platform that in addition to content management and  project management, it also offers rich collaboration capabilities. Holding a Microsoft Gold Competency in Collaboration and Content . In this article, we’d like to share with you our vision on the essence of enterprise collaboration and show how SharePoint fits into this concept.

In general, SharePoint is widely used in business. So, there’s no need to adopt any  new software while establishing collaboration in a company, which is cheaper and adds to user adoption.

 But what SharePoint has to offer as a collaboration platform?

it mainly offers two types of collaboration :

  1. Team-based collaboration: For a team to work together on a project sharepoint can offers a large variety of features which may be very useful while doing collaboration with other team mates . SharePoint enables any team member to create a project, decide who can participate in it and what access each participant will have.
  2. Company-wide collaboration: Microsoft SharePoint also offers company-wide collaboration. SharePoint can support cross-departmental collaboration through various tools like content management systems and storage of important documents. However, the core of company-wide collaboration is the intranet that connects all company units and stores all corporate documents, policies, news, etc. Employees from different departments can communicate through the intranet instantly with messages tools, blogs, discussion boards, etc. And besides business communication, SharePoint intranets can support corporate life through communities, which creates weak ties that are valuable for boosting collaboration.

There is a number of reasons that make SharePoint good for employee collaboration:

  1. Affordability of the cloud deployment –  Sharepoint is very affordable , it only costs $8.00/month . after buying subscription you can begin using it
  2. No requirement of coding –  users don’t need to have any coding knowledge , they must need to assemble things
  3. Integrated environment – SharePoint is compatible with other Microsoft products, which is one of the main reasons for its popularity. it also integrates easily with third party software such as CRM etc.
  4. Adaptability – SharePoint allows a company to use only needed tools without overloading it with unnecessary software. Thus, SharePoint enables creating a solution that meets the collaboration needs of businesses of any size or domain.
  5. Managing permissions–  it  enables managing user permissions according to their roles. This makes collaboration well-organized as SharePoint regulates who is allowed to see, edit, delete, etc. documents and perform various actions like approvals.
  6. Increased productivity –  it allows user to connect any where from the world  for example a user can connect to it from home thus increasing productivity .
  7. Enhanced project management–   SharePoint enables keeping version history for documents, as well as real-time collaboration and commenting. Thus, it creates full visibility into projects and ensures everything is on track due to such functions as monitoring tasks, deadlines, etc. it also ensures centralized project management throughout an organization.wha

What is a SharePoint Farm?

In simple words Sharepoint Farm is a logical grouping of sharepoint server that share a common resource provided by the microsoft , Most commonly the sharepoint Farm operated stand alone  but can also use the resources shared by the other farms and it can also provide resources to another farm.

If a organization is using a sharepoint then it will have its own configurational database , which is managed by powershell interface . in  the Microsoft sharepoint each server can directly interface with the centralized configured database .Microsoft  sharepoint servers uses this to make sure the the  services  are configured. A SharePoint farm can be hosted in a web based cloud, in any company’s private data center or across multiple data centers in different locations of the world.  

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