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Introduction to Instaloader module in Python
  • Last Updated : 01 Nov, 2020

The Instaloader module is python package having great functionalities to scrap instagram, it’s functions can be used as command line utility. The Instaloader key is used to download:

  • Posts of public/private account
  • stories
  • IGTV
  • Comments on post
  • Profile information
  • Story highlights

The instaloader module can be used to download everything of profile/Instagram user, you need to interrupt by CONTROL+C to kill the process. However, for downloading files of private account, you must log in, there is no compulsion for public account. Also, comments are in json file which is zipped as folder. 


 pip install instaloader


  • To Download everything about a profile

instaloader geeks_for_geeks

On using this command your program will download everything about profiles. For public account, it will download stories, post, highlights news. For private, it only downloads profile photo and other public information about profile. 


  • To download highlights of a particular profile

instaloader –highlights geeks_for_geeks


The above command downloads public highlights of a particular profile

  • To download through Hashtag

instaloader “#hashtag” coding_memes


The above command downloads posts having a given Hashtag.

  • To Download IGTV videos

instaloader –igtv geeks_for_geeks


The above command is used to download videos of a particular profile on instagram in .mp4 format.

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