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Introduction of ZigBee

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 02 Mar, 2020

ZigBee is a Personal Area Network task group with low rate task group 4. It is a technology of home networking. ZigBee is a technological standend created for controlling and sensor the network. As we know that ZigBee is Personal Area network of task group 4 so it is based on IEEE 802.14.4 and it is created by Zigbee Aliance.


  • Operates in personal area network.
  • It is a device to device network

Architecture of Zigbee:
Zigbee architecture is a combination of 6 layers.

  1. Application Layer
  2. Application Interface Layer
  3. Security Layer
  4. Network Layer
  5. Medium Access Control Layer
  6. Physical Layer

  • The Application layer is present at the user level.
  • The Application Interface Layer, Security Layer and Network Layer are the Zigbee Aliance and they are used to sore data and they uses stack.
  • Medium Access control and the Physical layer are the IEEE 802.15.4 and they are hardware which are silicon means they accept only 0 and 1.

Types of ZigBee Devices:

  1. Zigbee Coordinator Device – It communicate with routers. This device is used for connecting the devices.
  2. Zigbee Router – It used for passing the data between devices.
  3. Zigbee End Device – It is the device which is going to be controlled

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