Introduction of Novell NetWare

Novell NetWare is type of Network Operating System. It provides wide networking services ranging from easy and simple file to network user, data, security, and even resource management. It is generally designed for networks or Local Area Network (LAN) operating system.

Novell NetWare is most popular and widely used network system in PC world. Novell NetWare is simply designed to get used by various companies downsizing from mainframe to network of PCs. It only needs low hardware requirements and has memory protection. It keeps safe and protects single processes from each other. Novell NetWare is discontinued network operating system basically developed by Novell, Inc.

In today’s market, it is one of most powerful networks operating systems. It generally uses proprietary protocol stack as shown in below diagram. Novell NetWare 6.5 is one of Novell’s most current network operating system used nowadays.

Protocols in Novell Netware :

  • Internet Package Exchange (IPX) –
    Network layer generally runs unreliable connectionless internetwork protocol. It is called Internet Package Exchange (IPX) protocol. This protocol is simply used for routing and showing path to packets to move from one network node to another network throughout internetwork.

    Format of IPX is shown below:

  • NetWare Core Protocol (NCP) –
    NCP is type of network protocol that is used in many products from Novell, Inc. It is actually Novell client-server protocol used for mainly Local Area Network (LAN). It is generally connected to NetWare Operating systems (OS). It also works with alternating operating systems along with UNIX, Linux, and Windows NT.

  • Sequenced Packet Exchange (SPX) –
    SPX is also type of network protocol that is used by Novell Netware. SPX is also supported by other operating systems. It is nowadays considered legacy protocol as it has largely been replaced by TCP/IP. This protocol is simply used for handling packet sequencing in Novell Netware network.

Features of Novell Netware :
Most important features of Netware are following:

  • Directory Service –
    Novell Directory Service (NDS) is distributed directory service mainly used for managing network resources such as users, servers, and peripherals. It is originally known as NetWare Directory Services. It uses NDS for resource access and authentication. Directory service of networking operating system allows and enables users to identify and find network resources that are required. There are basically three types of Directory services of Novell Netware such as Bindery, NDS, EDirectory.

  • User Interface –
    It contains simple user interface by which user and computer system can interact in easy way.

  • Hardware requirements –
    This network operating system does not require or needs many hardware devices. It needs very minimal hardware devices.

  • Interoperability –
    Using this networking operating system, ability of computer systems or software to simply exchange and make use of information with many types of computer systems is increased.

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