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Introduction of Independent Basic Service Set (IBSS)

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  • Last Updated : 11 Nov, 2020
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Independent Basic Service Set (IBSS), as the name suggests, is a service set that allows wireless devices or stations to communicate with each other without any medium or central device. It does not contain or include any AP (Access Point). That’s why it is also known as an ad hoc mode or peer to peer network. Peer to peer network, simply means two to more devices or stations or PCs connected to each other directly and share resources without any separate server computer. IBSS is a service set that is rarely used. It is only required when two to more devices such as mobile, laptops, tablets, etc. want to share or transfer files without connecting to any wireless network that an AP provides. It is considered one of the simplest IEEE 802.11 networks, but it provides short-range and covers a small area.

Properties of IBSS

  • It allows two or more devices to directly communicate with each without any medium or central device.
  • It is one of the simplest and the easiest networks of all IEEE 802.11 networks.
  • No infrastructure is required in IBSS.


  • IBBS is mainly used in small offices where no internet is required for communication.
  • It is also used for establishing networks where wireless infrastructure is not present or required, such as airports, flats, etc.


  • In IBSS, the devices can communicate directly with each other without depending on the DS (Distribution System).
  • IBSS is mainly required where wireless infrastructure, the internet is not required, or is barred (a block from accessing the wired network) like an airport, hotel room, etc.
  • IBSS is a simple service set and can be implemented easily and quickly to set up a wireless network at any place.
  • One of the main advantages of IBSS is easy communication. Stations can communicate with each other easily without any network issue or problem.
  • There is also no additional cost required to communicate.
  • Clients or users can move from one place to another because it supports mobility.
  • In IBSS, data frames, traffic, files, etc. flow directly between station to station, the station received data that is transmitted by other stations and filters data or traffic on basis of the MAC address of the receiver.


  • One of the main disadvantages of IBSS is that it only covers small areas or limited area. Therefore, it cannot be used for creating a long network.
  • IBSS does not include any AP and there is no wired network available so it can only allow sharing or transferring small files between devices or stations.
  • There is no flexibility.
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