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Introduction of 3D Internet

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People from all around globe can be connect through 3D Internet. We can get access to enormous information and speak to our families and friends using Internet. Education, Social Media, Hospitals, Businesses, all are using internet for providing and getting better services. 

3D internet or three-dimensional Internet is successor to 2D web. It used 3D graphics and is social in nature. It has ability to tell that you are reading your document with how many more people. People can automatically connect with other people sharing same interests and services. 3D internet contains various interconnected services that can be seen as Virtual Worlds. 

3D Internet works by using available virtual platforms e.g. Second Life. It uses artificial intelligence, 3d eyewear, implements 6th sense technology and uses sensors and holographic image projections. 

Applications :

  1. Education – 3D internet can be used in all walks of life. 3D internet can be used for subjects such as Chemistry and English where more personalization is needed than traditional distance learning.
  2. Religion – Religious organisations can make use of 3D internet and meet virtually.
  3. Embassies – Visitor’s cab have computer generated ambassadors, and consult them about visa trade and other issues.
  4. This can be used in systems where virtual agents can tell people about various schemes and account details.
  5. Various Sports like cricket, football, wrestling, boxing and racing could be placed on 3 dimensional internet for its users to enjoy benefits of 3D environment.
  6. 3D internet would pave new road for Arts. 3D internet artists can use 3D internet to showcase their works to lot of people while they are making them and take suggestions in real time. Gallery openings can allow art enthusiasts to meet with artists (this has led to several sales.).

3D internet has same components as traditional internet. It even interacts with very same servers and same search engines. It is however, more social. 

People can watch same movie at the same time without buffering time. People can read same documents and know who else is reading it. It supports functionalities such as support groups, training’s, educational groups, chats and virtual meetings. 3D internet also supports 3D internet Television. 

Working of 3D Internet : 

3D internet is based on networking and distributed computing and intelligent environment. 

3D avatars have more information about users visiting 3D world than cookies which keep track of 2D world. These contain information about appearance and behavior of visitor as well.

Latentency is minimized while using 3D internet. It is secure channel as it authenticates users and avatars. 3D internet focusses on user friendly and efficient service support. Intelligent environment consists of intelligent services, intelligent agents and rendering. 

Example –

  1. Sony uses 3D internet technology in its HDTV 3D
  2. Microsoft passport also uses this technology

Advantages :

  • Open communication facility is available.
  • Discussion and sharing ideas is very easy.
  • Business contacts can be expanded quickly.
  • Large audiences can be targeted.
  • Businesses can become even more popular.

Disadvantages :

  • Increased hacking and malware attacks can be seen.
  • Online scams might also increase.
Last Updated : 12 Jul, 2022
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