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Introduction ERP and Internet

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  • Last Updated : 02 Mar, 2021

1. ERP System :
ERP System is a kind of Software tool which is used to manage data of an Enterprise or an Organization. ERP System is a single System which manages Human Resource, Product Management, Inventory management , Material Management, Order Processing etc.



2. Internet :
An Internet is a global wide area network that connect computer system across the world. It is a system of Interconnected computer network that uses Internet Protocol suite (TCP/IP) to communicate between devices.



Integration of ERP and Internet :
Integration of ERP and Internet provide the best benefit to the organizations. It makes it easier to share information and communicate across the entire organization and to the other organization.

Benefits of ERP Integration :

  • With the help of Internet , Paper based system is replaced with shared resource’s computer system.
  • Data is Captured only at Once.
  • A Single Copy of Data is stored in such a way that all authorized user’s can be accessed it easily.
  • Allow Selection and Manipulation of Data in a variety of Ways to suit the need of different groups in an organization.

Why Internet become Mandatory for ERP ?
Use of Internet in ERP brings about numerous business opportunities for an organizations and companies etc. These include overcoming Geographical Boundary and Cost Barriers to new market , Services for customers are improved , Access to worldwide communication etc.

How Power of ERP Improved using Internet :

  • The value of ERP System is enhanced by using Internet with it . With this all participants – Engineering and product designer , Vendors and Suppliers , manufacturing , sales and marketing , distributors and customer’s can gain access to any system when they need it.
  • Result’s like generating Reports and paperwork an be easily managed over internet and is placed safely on the internet in comparison to traditional method . For example : if anyone wants information about the employee who joined 10 years before now. Then it is very difficult to retrieve the information of it but when ERP is supported with Internet . It takes nearly seconds or minutes.
  • Workflow of Organizations will become Smoother.For Example: Someone in a company want to find the Reports of previous month’s in order to measure the performance by Analyzing data. If Internet was not there with ERP system then takes very much time but with the help of internet , their work will become smooth.
  • With the help of Internet , the major problem i.e. geographical Dependencies will be easily removed . For example : Some organization want ERP from Marketplace suppose X , if it is situated in other country then without internet it is not possible to give Order about ERP System. But with the help of ERP this problem can be easily resolved.
  • Internet Changes Limited Opportunities and Implementations of ERP System to Limitless .
  • Services are Improved with the help of Internet.

Disadvantage of Internet on ERP :

  • User get more choices due to this some ERP Marketplace will suffer.
  • Competition among various marketplace become more harder.


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