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InterviewBit Interview Experience | Off-campus Summer Internship 2020
  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 26 Apr, 2020

Round 1: This round was completely based on Data structures and Algorithms. The interviewer first told me to Introduce yourself. Then, he asked the following questions.
Ques 1. An array is initially given to you. You have to generate another array from given array under some conditions. I have written an article on this problem. You can see the solution here.
Ques 2. Find the maximum path sum between any two nodes in a binary tree.
A follow-up of the above problem is how to handle the negative numbers.
Ques 3. You are provided two tables, write a SQL query to join them and provide the required output. Also, how will you handle NULL values?
This round goes for up to 1.5 hours. I have to code both problems and also explain to him using the given example.

Round 2: This round was a combination of both Resume and Data structures and Algorithms. It begins with few coding problems and then resume discussion.
Ques 1: Do you know Binary search tree.
Ques 2: Difference between Binary Tree and Binary Search Tree.
Ques 3: Given two words A and B, and a dictionary, C, find the length of shortest transformation sequence from A to B such that you must change exactly one character in every transformation and each intermediate word must exist in the dictionary C. You can see the problem here.
After these coding problems he starts asking from my resume.
Ques 4: Tell me about your previous internships you have done.
Ques 5: He asks few questions from javascripts like callbacks etc.
Ques 6: Some question on Andriod like intent vs fragment etc.
Ques 7: What is SQL, what are all types of joins in SQL. What is the use of self-join in SQL?
The round goes up to 1:5 hours, then the interviewer asked me if I have something to ask. My suggestion is always ready with 2-3 question to ask.

Verdict : Selected

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