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Interview at Travel d’globe made me fall in love with startup

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  • Last Updated : 22 Oct, 2017

Travel d’globe links customer and operators across the globe making the booking process smoother for both customer and operator, you can confirm your booking in few minutes. Customers can choose the best package from the competitive offers provided by some agents. It is a cool place to work and everything is planned. I went through following process.

Round 1: Discussion with Cofounder

Ques 1: Tell me about your projects? Why you want to switch so soon?

Ques 2: Asked questions on web optimization like how to reduce server load, processing time, how to handle multiple requests etc. Caching , forward and reverse proxy, CDN, EC2 and scripting language always helps in answering these questions although there are many more awesome methods.

Ques 3: Asked me to complete a task. First discussed approach by searching on internet then completed the task using Java. Task was related to fetching mails (sent via offline chat client) from IMAP or POP3 mail box and develop an admin UI to view customers who used chat client and their messages with some more functionalities. I used JavaMail API.

Round 2: Tech round

Ques 1: What is RSA and how does it avoid man in the middle attack.

Ques 2: Find the frequency of the strings in an array in O(n) time complexity.

Ques 3: Find kth largest from two sorted arrays having integer elements. Used merge procedure of merge sort k times (O(k) time complexity). Interviewer asked to develop an algorithm in log(n) time.

Ques 4: You have to create a small script using language of your choice(python preferable) to integrate API

This was the best interview process, I learned new things . I have gone so far which examine a candidate by his ability to complete a task within specified amount of time. The co founder is really nice who helped me understand to pursue right goals for my career

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