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Interview Experience with Deloitte (TTL) US-INDIA FAS Hyderabad |Set 1 (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 30 May, 2018
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Deloitte(TTL) visited our Campus for Recruitment this year in August. FAS stands for Financial Advisory Services which handles the consultancy and financial Risk Management department of Deloitte.

There was one Written Round, Group Discussion and Interview(s).

Written Test:

Online written test was conducted by AMCAT. It was very easy as level of questions were elementary. You have ample time to solve if you are already in aptitude and LR. Coding part is not judging criteria as students who had their both codes running efficiently were rejected in written itself. Each Section has cutoff.

It consists of following sections:

Analytical Section: Very easy Aptitude questions on numbers, HCF, LCM, Time and Work , Time and Distance and easy section.

Logical Reasoning: LR was based on Arrangement problems , Data Sufficiency and Moreover it was also easy section.

Verbal Ability: Those who have English as their enemy struggled here but otherwise it was Word Meaning (Synonym and Antonyms) ,Passage reading and Correction.

PL/SQL: One must have knowledge of PL/SQL for this section otherwise only wild guesses will lead you somewhere else from written. Trigger, Cursor ,Procedures and Functions Intended for study . Suggestion would be to learn from simple tutorial as after this there is very less chance that you will be asked SQL if you don’t not know. But try to go Prepared.

Coding Round: Two Questions for coding .Suggestion would be to write code for both and hope for the best. Even I had both codes non running but logic was Correct.

Out of 400 ,100 people were selected.

Group Discussion Round:

Before GD there was Branding Session which tells what Deloitte Brand is and explains insight of it working. Must attend and ask as many questions as many you can. It can help you in Interview and GD as they prefer dynamic people rather than shy and dumb people.

Group Discussion was a CASE STUDY in which a company had to design a information system and for that how the procedure will work out was to be discussed. There were some questions which needs to be answered on which the whole GD was based. Tips for GD are:

->Try to speak ideas rather than random words. They will target if any random thing is observed.

-> Speaking increases chance of selection.

-> Provide you ideas with great explanation.

->You will be given 30 seconds to speak in that you have to explain your part.

After this 46 people were selected.

Interview: Interviews in Deloitte just check your knowledge about basics of your subjects and these are generally HR interview with very less Technical (In case you are CS/IT student then Expect questions from DBMS and OS).My Questions were:

1) Introduce Yourself. Please go through this very clearly because next question is from this content only. Prepare answer for every possible why.

2) Why don’t you want to join Army(As my Father is in Army)?

3) Discussion on Resume, All Projects and Languages must be revised properly.

4) Why do you Love Programming?

5) What are your Interests?

6) Two Puzzles:


— A shopkeeper gives a chocolate for Re.1 and a chocolate for wrappers of same chocolate. How many Chocolates you can buy from Rs 75?


7) Some Simple SQL Queries..

8) What is foreign Key and why it is required?

9) What are Views in DBMS?

10) Where do you see yourself after 10 years?

11) What are your Expectations from life?

12) Any Questions for Me??? I asked about his Career and growth at Deloitte.

Thank You…


->Speak for Every Question Asked

->Prepare HR questions very nicely ,it helps to boost your confidence.

->Be Confident because if you lose you will lose everything and Regret it Later…

->All the Best for your Interviews …Wish you Luck All.. Comment if any query!!!

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