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Interview Experience at Swaniti Initiative | Set 1 (For Internship)
  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 03 Sep, 2017

In the last summer, I got an opportunity to intern at Swaniti Initiative as a software developer. The hiring process was as followed:
1.) Shortlisting done on the basis of resume
2.) Online coding round: In this round, we were given a problem statement , and we had to submit our solution in maximum three hours. I was given a web game to develop.
3.) Phone interview: This was the final interview round. Questions were asked on the projects I did in the college, Data structures and algorithms. Having a strong grip on algorithms and data structures will help you sail through this round , so I would suggest go through geeksforgeeks and cover ds ,algorithms from there. It has rich content for interviews preparation.

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